Perennial Plant of the Year


Anemone Honorine Jobert

Perennial Plant of the Year 2017

Asclepias tuberosa – Orange Butterfly Weed

The Perennial Plant Association has chosen Orange Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa,
as the 2017 Perennial of the Year.


This award is bestowed upon plants that meet certain criteria, including suitability to a wide range of climate types, multiple-season interest, ease of culture, low maintenance requirements, and pest and disease resistance.


With the increased interest in natural gardening and planting for beneficial insects and wildlife, it is no surprise that Orange Butterfly Weed has been chosen for this honor.  Asclepias tuberosa has long been a favorite choice of those wishing to add native plants to their gardens.  It occurs naturally over nearly the entire continental United States, and can be found growing in old fields and on slopes.  It prefers full sun, well-drained soils and is very drought tolerant. As a garden plant, it is completely hardy (zones 3-9), very easy-care, and provides many weeks of brilliant color.  Not only do the flowers attract many butterflies seeking nectar sources, but the foliage is a food source for the larvae of the monarch butterfly. Hummingbirds and other beneficial insects also find the flowers attractive. 


Butterfly weed grows from a long tap-root. The plants resent transplanting and do not divide well, so it is wise to choose the garden site carefully.  They are very late to emerge in the spring, often not until warm weather arrives in May or even early June.  They make excellent companions to other sun-loving perennials that bloom in June and July, such as Coreopsis, Crocosmia, Echinacea, Hemerocallis, Liatris, Platycodon and Veronica.

More information on Asclepias tuberosa can be found at the PPA website at this link:

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Anemone Honorine Jobert
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1990 Phlox stolonifera.jpg

Photo Credit ~~ Walters Gardens ~~ Missouri Botanical Garden